Any product purchased by the person is returnable within the given time frame. However, the product is returnable only if you receive the product in a damaged condition; the item is missing, received the wrong order, or the size of the cloth you order does not fit you accurately.

The return policy aims to provide you with a better facility and receive better products in return from the official website. Moreover, you can also claim a refund for the returned item. To return any product and for a refund claiming, you need to provide general information and a reason for returning the products.

Also, to ensure that you have an ease of return and refund claim, we make our return policy easier, and all you need to do is follow some general guidelines of the return policy.

General Guidelines of Return Policy

  • The product received by you is only returnable within a given time frame if the product is faulty, physically damaged, and defective during shipping. Also, if the product is different from what you have seen in the description and what you have ordered from the website is returnable.
  • If you report physical damage and the wrong order received, then replacement of the product is given to you at no cost. The quick resolution will be our foremost priority, and in case you don’t want any replacement, you can claim a refund.
  • Return will be processed by the team only if: the product was not damaged when it was in your possession. It can also be processed differently from what you have ordered and what is delivered to you. Also, you can return the product if it is in its original condition and box. Any broken brand tag product will not be accepted for return.
  • To ensure that the product has all the things packed into it.
  • Any product that you purchase is not eligible for the return in fewer cases, such as buyer’s penitence which includes the incorrect color of the product, incorrect model, and wrong product ordered. If you ordered the wrong product, the return is not applicable.
  • The product which is marked or mentioned as a non-returnable item will not be returned. So, pay attention to the description when you are buying the product to avoid such returning hassles. Additionally, also check whether the product you want to return is refundable or not.
  • Buyers don’t need to provide additional information to return the eligible products unless the product is noted into the specific policy of return.
  • If you want the replacement of the product, then replacement is possible with certain conditions, such as the product in the seller’s stock from where you have ordered the product. In case the product is not in stock, you can simply return it to us.
  • If the seller doesn’t have the product for replacement in the stock, you can also claim the refund, which will directly be reflected in your bank account.
  • Products purchased by international buyers will not be eligible for returns. But the orders which the international consumers make are subject to a

How will the Return Request be Processed?

Our return policy provides you an opportunity to return the product within the given time frame for any reason lined up above in the guidelines. All we ask you is the reason for return, and the product must be preserved in the original condition you received.

  • You are welcome to give a try to the product, if it’s not up to the mark, you can return it by providing information on why you are returning the product.
  • Only give it a try. Do not use it unnecessarily if you don’t like the product and return it; the used product will not be eligible for return. So, keep it in its original condition.
  • First, visit the website and go to the return order section. Here, it would help if you filled in the reason for returning the product.
  • Then after submitting the product details, you will be able to return the product. The team will analyze the reason and initiate the return instantly.

Ways to Return the Product

You can choose two different ways to return the product to us, which are as follows:

  1. Pick Up Return: We are subjected to pick up the return by our delivery partners. Therefore, you will also see the pickup option when returning the product and submit the return request. While filling the return, you can submit the pickup return, and we will pick the product by ourselves.
  2. Self-Shipping: If we do not offer you the pickup return in your location, you can self-ship the product for return. We will credit the shipping charge to your account. As per our return policy, you need to share the scan copy of the shipped product receipt with us.

Please note that Shipping returns needs to be paid by customer whether local or from abroad. Clients which are local can visit one of our stores and exchange at the shop if one should not want to be charged with shipping return.

Quick Quality Check

When our delivery partner reaches your doorstep, they may check the quality of the product that you are returning to us. This is to ensure that the reason you provided for the return is eligible or matches our return policy.

Once the delivery partner verifies the product, you will receive the replacement of the product, or the refund will be initiated, which will be reflected in your bank account within 3-5 working days. However, if the product doesn’t pass the return policy parameter, no return will be initiated.

The return will also be subjected to the availability of the stock and your address. If the stock is not available, your payment will be refunded to your account.

Other Rules to be Followed for Product Returns

  • Always return the product within the given time frame. The return request made after the time frame will not be applicable, and no return, replacement, and refund will be initiated for the particular product.
  • The net amount will be considered, which is paid by you to purchase the product. You will pay any difference in the replaced item cost. If the amount is less than the returned one, we will initiate the return.
  • Returns and replacement are only applicable to some locations. So, always check before placing the return request whether your location is applicable or not.
  • The items listed in the non-returnable category will not be exchanged or returned. Moreover, no refund will be initiated for the particular listed product.
  • Before placing any return request, read carefully about the return policy and then initiate the return.