Privacy Policy

Basics, through its “Privacy Policy”, outlines everything indispensable to us. By the mean of this “Privacy Policy”, we make it clear that Basics (We, Us and our Team) are committed to fair practices. We comply with international rules and regulation that protects (Yours or Consumers) right.

Hence, this Privacy Policy aims at specifying the information you get on our “” official website.

We even mention the way we collect information on our website, including the type of information we collect from you on our website.

To ensure you are exposed to every point of Privacy Policy, we make this “Privacy Policy” Page available on every single page of our website.

Information We Collect and Use obtains information about (You, Your Users or Customers) in the following ways:

  1. When you visit our website ( or contact us directly
  2. When you use customer support services at
  3. When you become (Ours, or customers
  4. When (You, Users or Customer) connect with us on the “Third Party” platform
  5. When you are a service provider to “”

Through this Privacy Policy page, Basics outline the process we follow to gather user’s information visiting our website. Users can connect with us via “our website”, “our social media platform”, or “offline method”, and anytime we may ask them to give us essential details that we store in the data of our company “Basics.”

How We Use Your Personal Data?

The information you share with us can be used for the following purposes-

  1. We may use your personal data to figure out your experience on our site; the data may include your geographical location, IP address, operating system, browser and referral source. The information may even include the time spent by you on our website.
  2. We may use your “account data”, which includes your log-in details, e.g., email id and name, so we could interact with you near in future.
  • We may ask you to submit few essential details as a part of “enquiry data”, mainly if you are selling precious, rare or eatable items at The data may include thorough information about the type of product you sell.
  1. We may even collect your transaction data to ensure your next transaction is quick and smooth.
  2. We can collect your email address to get you notified about the latest deal, promotions and offers.

To gather data, may take help from multiple sources; this may include “Third Party Sources” or “Employers, Employees or Guide” of the customer.

Automated Decision-Making

The data we collect from you can be used for advertising and marketing purposes. Based on your visit to the website and watch-time on a particular product or service, automated decision making is being carried. Similarly, whenever special offers or events are hosted, you instantly receive notification through data you share with us for communication.

Sharing Your Personal Data To Third Parties retains the right to disclose your personal data at any time to any member of its team. Apart from that, we may even issue your personal data to “Third Party”, which includes our marketing partners, business partners or professional advisor. We may even disclose your data to comply with legal obligations wherever will be needed.

International Transfer Of Data

By this “Privacy Policy” statement, you agree that may transfer the gathered data to international regions. Such as, your data can be transferred outside the EEA (European Economic Area) so you could receive the safest policies that could be exercised. The data transfer is predominantly deemed necessary for customers who live outside the EEA and make purchases at Apart from that, standard practices are carried out to ensure your data stay safe by all means.

Retaining Or Removing Your Personal Data

By this “privacy policy” statement, you consent that has complete access to your personal data, and it is entirely up to us whether your data needs to be retained or removed.

  1. We retain data if your account at is active
  2. We may delete your data in case we found a bug in your provided details
  • We can delete your data entirely if the provided information, service or product doesn’t comply with laws and regulations
  1. We may notify you via email or phone in case your account is being removed from website
  2. “Users, Customers, Individual or Supplier” can any time ask us for their account deletion.

Amendments can make significant changes in this privacy policy. Hence, you should check this “Privacy Policy” statement frequently. We may notify you about the changes we make in this privacy statement via email or the communication details you provide us. In case you don’t receive any message, you are solely responsible for reviewing the updated policy once again.

Your Rights

Below we wrap up the key rights (You, Users, Customers or Suppliers) you receive at that comes under data protection law.

  1. The right to access
  2. The right to object
  3. The right to erasure
  4. The right to complain
  5. The right to rectification
  6. The right to data portability
  7. The right to withdraw consent
  8. The right to restrict processing

Third-Party Websites website may include a hyperlink that connects our website from “Third Party Websites” (Third-party website refers to social media platform or partner’s website). Since these parties follow a different privacy policy and has no control over them, so you will visit these websites and share details at your own risk.

Children’s Privacy Policy sells or markets its services to kids over 13 only. We never store any personal details about the children whose age doesn’t meet this privacy statement. Even though we find any, or you complain to us, we shall automatically remove it from our database.

About Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text files or data that contain information about the user’s data sent by the web browser and web server to us. These cookies are divided into two categories.

The first is “Persistent cookies” that remains valid in your device until you delete them; else, they may automatically expire after a particular time. The second is “session” cookies that are automatically deleted from your browser once you close the browser.

Using these cookies, we endeavour to serve the best user experience.

What If I Want To Complain?

In case you want to raise a complaint, contact us: