Cookies are small data and text files containing the information about the users/buyers/sellers sent by the web server and web browser to us. It can be divided into two main categories, which are as follows:

  • Persistent cookies remain applicable in your device until or unless you delete them. It can automatically be deleted and expire after a certain period.
  • Session cookies are automatically deleted from your web browser once you close the web browser.

We access the cookies to endeavor a better user experience and provide better services. The information that we collect and use is in the following ways:

  • When customer/you visit our website or connect with us directly
  • When you use our customer support services and at what time
  • When you become our prime customer
  • When users/buyers/customer connected with us from third party applications/platform
  • When you become the services providers on our website

This cookie policy page will outline the cookies process and follow the files to collect the user information visiting our website daily. The information will include who visited our social media platform, who connected with us via our official website, which connection to use through online mode, and by what time. We can ask anytime to share the essential details which are stored in our company’s database.

How Does the CCPA Affect My Cookie Policy?

With our cookies policy and privacy policy, we empower the audience of California with the right to question their personal information acquired by the companies and sell. Moreover, they even have the right to delete and opt-out from data to be sold out to third parties.

According to the CCPA, businesses need to inform the visitors before or at the point of collecting their details about the personal information category they are processing and collecting for what purpose. This will also inform users about third parties disclosing the data/selling data and sharing their data.

The CCPA further empower the residents of California with the following:

  • Right to question and to be informed
  • Right to opt-out
  • Right to disclosure
  • Right to equal services and prices
  • Right to the deletion

CCPA complaints about the cookie policy/privacy policy include the following categories:

  • Personal information gathered by the website
  • Information about the third party’s vendor with whom the information is shared
  • Tracking technology and type of cookies
  • Description About the consumption rights
  • How the companies are going to exercise these personal rights

Our website also features “does not sell personal information links,” giving you authority to opt-out of the third parties’ sales. If the website still sells your personal data, then the website is answerable to you. Moreover, you can even take legal actions also.

How We use the cookies or Your Personal Data/Information?

We use the cookies prompted, technologies, and other pixels to recognize the devices and your browser. We use the information to know about your interest so that we can offer you better services based on your needs and serve you essential features and additional purposes, which include the following things:

  • We only use your personal data to recognize how frequently you visit our website. This will help us to provide better product recommendations based on your past searches. We access data to display the personalized content and enable you to make one-click purchasing. This will further help us in providing your customized features.
  • The cookies will help in keeping a track record of your specific preferences. The data collected by us will allow us to prioritize the preference.
  • Based on your information, we research to diagnose the issues, improve the website’s content, and personalize the products and services.
  • We can also collect the email addresses of valuable customers who visit our website regularly. This will help us to notify them about the latest deals and products offered by us.
  • The data will also help to stop fraudulent activities and improvise the security of the website.
  • We may access the account data, including the log-in details, email id, so that we can interact with you in the future.
  • Our company can ask you to share some basic details which are a part of the data inquiry. This is necessary to fill if you’re selling your precious goods and services at our website. The data may include information about the product that you are selling.
  • We also access the data about your transaction to avoid any hassle, and transactions run smoother in the future.
  • We also access data for reporting, which will further allow us to analyze and measure the users’ services’ performance.

What Are The Requirements of Cookie Policy?

To be GDPR and CCPA compliant, the cookie policy must state the following:

  • How long the cookie will persist on the user’s web browsers
  • What type of cookies will be set?
  • What kind of data is categorized and collected?
  • Depict the reason for collecting the data such as statics, performance, functionality, marketing, etc.
  • With which third part your data is sent and shared.
  • How often the status about the cookies changes, and how to reject the cookies

Removing or Retaining of the Cookies Data

We have complete access to the data through cookies, and it is entirely on us whether the data will be removed or retained. However, removing and retaining of the personal data will be subjected if:

  • If your current shopping account is active
  • We can delete the data in case we find any bug in the given details
  • Delete entire data if the given information doesn’t comply with the laws and regulation of our privacy policy
  • We also notify you through emails in case your account details will be removed from the website

Cookies Amendments

We can make desired changes in the cookies policy by the time. However, you can manage the cookies data through the browser settings of your web browser. Moreover, we can notify the changes made in the cookie policy through emails. You can even access the “help” feature on the browser, which will tell you about how you can prevent your webserver from accepting the cookies. If you block the cookies from the browser, neither the third parties nor us will transfer the cookies and access them.

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