Brace Yourselves! Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming could be the motto of the House Stark of the famous series Game of Thrones but the winter is officially here. The weather has started getting chilly and it is good to have a look at your wardrobe. No matter how many apparels you have, you could always go for an upgrade.

Maltese winter is not as chilly as the one in Westeros but it is cool. While you need not hoard fur and thick woollen apparels, you will definitely need a changeover from the loose fitting clothes of the summer. Get yourself a new, warm and comfortable clothing.

Get Track Suits in Malta

Track suits are apparels that are designed especially for the field and track events. It gives you a high degree of comfort and at the same time keeps your body warm. In general tracksuits are convenient to wear and it enables you to move without any inhibition. The most important advantage of these tracksuits is that it safely locks the warmth inside.

In you are looking for a good tracksuit in Malta, then there are many options including Adidas, Gym King, Sik Silk, etc. There are also other prominent brands like Puma, Reebok, etc. At Basics Apparel showroom, we have the best quality tracksuits and gym wear for you.

You can either come visit the store at Sliema or buy tracksuits online at our ecommerce shop at Either way, you get the best quality winter wear for you.

Can Gym Wear be Worn for Winter?

Gym Wear are apparels that are made especially for wearing in gymnasiums and places where the physical activity is high. It generally uses fabrics that are easy breathing and at the same time that locks in the warmth of the body. The main reason for this is most athletes and people who exercise find it difficult to wear the regular clothes and perform tough physical activities.

At the same time, it is important to maintain the body temperature slightly higher than the outside. It is important to keep the body temperature slightly higher than the ambient temperature in cold places as the metabolism drops with the fall in temperatures. That is why it is perfectly safe to wear your gym clothes during winter.

A good winter wear should lock the heat inside the apparels and keep you warm and fresh. This is what an ideal gym wear also does. It is to be noted that not all gym wear are suited for winter wearing.

A loose fitting open cloth might be good to wear during exercise in the gym but it may not be suited for you to wear during cold winters. If you are looking to stock on the winter wear or gym wear for you, then come and shop at our online store.

Basics offers the best quality clothes at the most competitive price in Malta. So, why are you waiting? Log on to our website and buy your favourite winter wear.

 Gym Wear for Women in Malta

Buying clothes for women can be a frustrating task, if you don’t know how. Depending on the body shape, there are many styles of winter wear for women. Further a fit also depends on personal preferences. In case of gym ear and winter wear, comfort is of high importance. So, if you want to buy the best fitting winter wear for women in Malta, then you should visit our Basics store in Malta that has a wide range of options for you. If you can’t travel to Sliema or Gozo, you can easily buy the winter wear from our online store.

 Buy Jackets and Coats at Basics for Winter

Jackets, coats and blazers have their unique place in the wardrobe. These clothes add a style and finesse to your fashion. A well stitched jacket not only accentuates your looks but also keeps you warm and comfortable even during cold times.

With the Maltese winter not getting very cold, these jackets and coats are the perfect wear that you want for your winter. We have jackets from many leading brands and have a number of fabric options.

Whether you need the jacket for your motor bike ride or for your office meeting, we have it for you. We have pure cotton jackets, premium leather and wool jackets that can keep you warm. If you are looking for the best place in the Malta, then you have to visit our store at Sliema.

Apart from the Sliema store, we also have a brand new store at Gozo. Both these stores are well stocked to provide you a good shopping experience.

Get More Discounts on Black Friday

Basics is running a discount sale for the coming Black Friday. Traditionally black Friday discounts have been given only for digital products but at Basics we want to ensure a better value for our customers.

You can check out about the offers at our social media too. We have many products on offer under the Black Friday offer. If you are looking for a comfortable clothing that keeps you warm, safe and happy in this winter, don’t look any further. Buy the best winter wear at Basics.

We are providing as much as 30% offer on our jackets and coats. So, what are you waiting for? Go crazy on that shopping list. Buy your favourite jackets and coats in Malta.

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