About Us - Basics

You might be asking yourself who are we? So, sit back and check out our story!

Inspired by the need to provide a unique mix of fabrics, models, and brands we have created Basics Clothing. All the brands that we choose to be a part of our story are known internationally for their quality and fresh design. Stocked with global fashion – SikSilk, GymKing, and Gianni Kavanagh – Basics is catering to you locally. 

At Basics, we like you to be trendy, cool, and comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing. We encourage you to express yourself, be fashionable, and wear our brands with confidence. Basics is a chance for you to explore and build your style, by tasting premium fabrics that can be worn beyond the fashion season.

Our motto is to deliver any piece of clothing as fast as possible, because, who knows, that piece might be just what you’re missing in your wardrobe. Basics Clothing is based on an open-minded approach, suitable for anyone.


What’s in the
Basics Mystery Box this month?

Every month we a lucky person win our Mystery Box Giveaway. Every month is different. You need to be on our database for a chance to win the Basics Mystery Box